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          Company Profile
          SHANGHAI DONJUN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. & Shanghai DONJUN Ship Engineering CO.,LTD. comes into existence 1996 year, be established in high science, technology and to collect design, exploiture, product, sale and service become one whole. Depend on advance technology and management idea, to face the client, face aftertime and active expand market space. Pass through lots of years unremitting striver, already development a new rise company that have to a certainly scale, manifold production and have exceeds idea for sale and service. The advanced design idea, excellent production quality and perfect service be take root at everyone idea in the company.
          The company is a high-tech corporation for manage ship automation equipment, main face the level valve remote control system, level measure and alarm system, cargo into water system and combustible gas detected and alarm device etc. design and product or been design, product according to client request. Relate to some especial automation equipment and provide perfect technical counseling, including the running ships.
          The product system including oil tanker, chemistry ship etc. ship level detect and alarm system, level liquid measure & alarm system, valve remote control system, cargo into water measure & alarm system and temperature measure display & alarm system etc. take in hand a lot of overseas client product , maintainability and after-sale service etc. task. Our company successively empolder the level sensor, pressure transformer etc. production because the ship’s particularity and ship classification strict require, design and product the switching value and simulation value single loop or many loops detection intelligence meters, DJC-L Marine Monitoring & Alarm System, Valve remote control system DJC-V, Hydraulic power station DJC-H, DJC-H-I Water Ingress Detection System, DJC-D Dewatering system, DJC-KR Combustible gas detection & alarm device for oil/gas ship, chemistry ship, bulk cargo, container cargo.
          Take consolidate step by step strategy in the management, passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system and obtain the quality certification, also passed the year rehear. The product passed including CCS, ABS, BV, LR, NK, RINA AND CR etc ship classification certification and relative checkup. ner cargo.
          Our production export to Greece, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Germany, Lran, Argentina, Malaysia etc.country or region, based after-sale service at Guangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Dalian, Qingdao, Ningbo, Nantong etc region, can service handy for client in time to satisfy inside or outside of country need. Based net for after-sale service at Singapore and Greece.
          Our company accord market need to actualize the development purpose, Give undivided attention to empolder new production to satisfy client need. We persist in the quality policy:SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION, QUALITY TRUSTINESS, MANAGEMENT CRITERION, PERSISTENCE MEND, ABORATIVE SERVICE, CLIENT ADMIRATION to wholeheartedly service for all circles client.